About Us

Blackmart is an App Market Application. You can download the latest apps & games for free with Blackmart. It can be installed on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Smartphones have replaced almost all the devices in today’s era. Hence, you can find an app for almost everything—from setting an alarm to watching a movie and from booking tickets to paying bills. There is an app present for almost all the chores, which once needed physical activity. And these apps can be found on popular marketplaces such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and so on.

But some of the apps are not available in these stores. This is because due to the regulatory restrictions in specific areas. Also, most of the users do not wish to pay for the app. At such time, they seek a crack version of the app. Considering all these situations, our platform will offer you apps that are not available on the normal app stores such as App Store or Play Store.

And Blackmart is one such app. Basically, it is a market app similar to the App Store or Play Store. Users can download the newest games and apps for free using Blackmart. The app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices.